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Sunny Deol adores his vintages HMT watch

Sunny Deol adores his vintages HMT watch

sunny-deolPunjab da puttar Sunny Deol has no fancy for the latest fashion trends; unlike many Bollywood actors, he rather adores an old vintage HMT watch and loves to wear it every day.

Where many B-town celebrities are well-known for their obsession with big brands, which costs up to several lakhs, the others go for quirky designs and appearances. However, Sunny paaji begs to differ, as for him, it’s vintage that matters.

The actor apparently has taken a fancy to a very old HMT watch that he now wears every day. What more, he even has to wind the watch to make it run on time but still doesn’t want to do away with it. A source says, “Sunny has been known to love watches that are versatile. His timekeepers double up as devices to measure the temperature or even his blood pressure. His latest obsession is however off the roads that cost a meager Rs 500.”

The informer adds, “For his latest film with Anil Sharma, he will be shown flaunting an old watch. The watch was picked up from a roadside shop and cost only Rs 500. In fact, Sunny loves the watch so much that he wears it all the time. He enjoys winding the watch every evening.”

Isn’t it really sweet of him, readers! Quite an original human being!

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