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Priyanka Chopra admits being direction dyslexic

Priyanka Chopra admits being direction dyslexic

priyanka-chopraPriyanka Chopra, who travels with an entourage, says she would be entirely lost if any of the key members of her team are found missing even for a single day.

While PC might have played strong characters on the silver screen, but off screen the pop sensation admits being direction dyslexia. She confessed that she needs her driver Maqsood, her agent Natasha and others with her because she suffers from direction dyslexia and cannot find addresses and locations on her own, even if she has been to those places a dozen times before.

Meanwhile, she is completely focused on her singing career too and is ready to take any risk. Speaking of the same, she said, “A girl can be in a super-comfort zone and do well in Bollywood. She just has to make sure she looks good,” she says. She has chosen to do more. She has often gone against conventional wisdom with roles that won her critical acclaim.

She added, “I have always been someone who wants to try out new things. I like to be different. I was too shy to do singing parts in my films, even though producers suggested it. So when Universal Music Group and DesiHits approached me, I was skeptical, but then I thought, why not try it? I started going to the studios. Slowly Interscope [Records] came onboard and then [Moroccan music executive] RedOne and today, it’s become such a big project”.

Well, we hope you keep blooming this way!

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