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Nargis Fakhri Says I am not dating Shahid

Nargis Fakhri Says I am not dating Shahid…

Nargis Fakhri has been in the news for her friendship with Shahid Kapoor. The actress, who has till date remained quiet, has now decided to come clean.

“I’m amazed at how people can claim things even when there’s nothing happening. If and when I am seeing someone, I won’t want to hide it,” she said, annoyed.

So what’s the deal? “I met him while performing for an awards function, and he was very supportive as it was a first for me. He’s been a friend since that day. Don’t you have guy friends as well as girlfriends, who you just enjoy chilling with? Why is it such a big deal to have lunch, dinner or coffee with a friend?” she thundered.

Much has been written about her pouty lips than acting in debut film ‘Rockstar‘. But that hasn’t deterred the actor. Would she be game for an item number too? “Why? I enjoy watching Hindi films songs — the singing and dancing is one of the things I really love about it,” she says.

She started her career at 32, and doesn’t regret the late start in tinselville. Doesn’t being a late bloomer rule her out in the race for the numero uno? “We should enjoy the little things in life and look beyond just wanting to be number one. I live my life in a way in which experiences are important for my growth. But I don’t obsess about it,” she said.

What does Nargis as a former model, have to say about the size zero trend? “Honestly, size zero is normal for a woman. I used to be that when I came here because as an international model, that is the requirement. But I monitored everything I ate, I wanted to be healthy, which meant no refined sugar, no sweets, nothing fried or processed, ate many small meals, drank lots of water and veggie smoothies. Now I am in a place where I love my body, which is a sexy size 6/8. It’s about your dress size, it’s about your confidence and loving yourself for who you are that makes you sexy and appealing.”

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