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Karishma Kotak to be evicted tonight Bigg Boss 6

Karishma Kotak to be evicted tonight Bigg Boss 6

Karishma Kotak to be evicted tonight Bigg Boss 6The most polite contestant will soon find out that she’s lost the game to her brash co-inmates

Hardly a couple of weeks are left before the winner of Bigg Boss 6 will be declared. And the house still seems full of contestants, doesn’t it? That’s precisely why the mid-week evictions will rear its ugly head once again. And the one contestant who will be shown the door tonight will be Karishma Kotak!

And we can almost hear a collective groan as we declare it ‘coz most readers wanted to save Karishma in the recent poll that we had conducted. Alas, good looks and politeness couldn’t save this babe.

But hey, it won’t be the usual ‘you have two minutes to pack your bags’ routine. Instead, if our feathered friends are to be believed, the lady will disappear as if by magic from amidst the contestants. Hmmm, sounds really interesting, doesn’t it?

So who will miss Karishma’s presence in the house, well, of course apart from her ex Niketan Madhok? Wethinks, Delnaaz Irani would. ‘Coz apart from Delu, Karishma was the only polite and soft-spoken inmate. Now does that mean it is Delu’s turn to leave the house next? Who knows!

But don’t shy away from speculating, dear readers! Tell us who do you think will leave the Bigg Boss 6house next?

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